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This article was excerpted from a story written by Jill Lovings which appeared in the “Madison Messenger” October 26, 1988.


"We Believe God"

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There’s a small miracle in progress Highway 311. The Madison Church of God is building a facility on three acres of land, with labor donated from approximately 60 members.

This past weekend an additional crew came from Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Dobson Rutherfordton and the surrounding area to lend a hand in the project as well. These were the “Men of Action” of the Church of God, men from all walks of life who donate their talents when they are needed.

 The men who were working on the Madison church on Saturday were members of the Western North Carolina Men of Action, which is coordinated by the State Laymen’s Board. There is also an International Men of Action group, who will soon be helping victims of the hurricane which destroyed much of Jamaica recently.

 The Men of Action are just part of the miracle on Highway 311. When the men arrived Saturday morning, they found a good portion of the building already completed.  Pastor Clifton Edwards says all the work was done in seven days by members of the church who worked after hours and in their spare time.






New location - Hwy 311

Soon the Madison Church of God congregation will be leaving their present meeting place at Lassiter School building. They will Move into their new building, financed and built by members who gave more than generously, and if a visitor ever wonders how it all came about, Pastor Edwards will most likely respond, “We believe God –that’s how it happened.”