In 1886 in a crude meeting house on the Tennessee-North Carolina border, the Chrurch of God traces it's roots. This small group of sincere Christians, with a deep desire for a closer relationship with Christ, realizing the futility of reforming their own churches, they established a new church. One whose objective would be to restore sound scriptural Bible teachings. A Church that encouraged deeper consecration and promote evangelism with Christian service. It was in the Barney Creek Meeting House some 21 years later that the permanently established Church of God was founded.

From this seemingly insignificant origin has grown one of the most influential worldwide Pentecostal denominations. For nearly 120 years the Church of God is recognized as of the most respected Pentecostal leaders of today.

The call of the Church of God today beckons back to those early days at BarneyCreek. Church of God congregations around the globe are experiencing the fire of the Holy Spirit today more than ever. Reports of revivals where hundreds are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit are frequent and on-going. The call of the Church of God is for world evangelization. It is a call to discipleship and prayer. It is a call of commitment. It is a call for the Church of God to be a channel for Pentecostal revival well into the new millennium.

For further information on the history of the Church God, recommended reading is the book Like A Mighty Army, by Dr. Charles W. Conn, available through Pathway Press. Visit their web site at